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Palisade Plunge Update - 3/10/2021

First – Yes, we understand the excitement!

Second – The trail overall is not done, nor open, there is still work to do. (A short section at the very bottom of the route is open – see below description and attached image).

There are a few different issues at hand as the weather begins to warm up in the area and we think about trail access.

There is a seasonal wildlife closure (every year) for the Palisade Plunge trail (and several other trails in the region) that, for the Plunge trail, persists through end of April. So on any given year, unless the wildlife folks say otherwise, there will be no trail opening prior to May 1.

Additionally, this year there is still a small bit of construction to complete. That’s going to be dependent upon snow/water/mud clearance to get in and do the work. Then the bit of paperwork with Fed agencies and partners to declare it all done. That seasonal timing to begin the remaining work is unknown, and still many weeks away at best.

So for now, the Plunge trail opening is still TBD. This is likely to be a late June to July timeframe, as an estimate right now. But you know estimates – they are only that.

We’ll keep updating here as steps begin to occur and timing becomes more clear.

EDIT: further update RE the lowest portion of the Plunge route, adjacent to the Palisade Rim Trail, and the two connector trails between the Rim Trail and the Plunge.

This section, the lower ~1.2 mi of trail, plus the two connectors to the Pal Rim Trail, ARE OPEN FOR USE. BLM has formally opened ONLY this section of the trail, and the connectors, for use.

The image shows the Upper Connector (near the Petroglyph area) and the Lower Connector, in green. The Plunge route shown in red is open from the intersection point of the Upper Connector, down to Hwy 6.